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That Which Doesn't Kill You...

Gives you unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor. While I believe that everything we go through makes us who we are, I don't subscribe to the belief that all of the hard sh*t we endure makes us stronger. Sometimes we develop bad habits that help us survive the moment, but turn out to be yet another hard thing we have to overcome. Going through trauma (whether BIG T, or little T) often alters our lives and habits in ways we don't even realize, until one day you don't even recognize yourself anymore. Unhealthy coping mechanisms like drinking too much, drugs, sex, toxic relationships....they help you stop feeling the pain for a while. But the pain is still there. In your body. In your cells. Until you get to the root of the pain and release it, it will keep popping up. So, keep telling your dark jokes. But come see me and the horses to help you let go of the pain for good.

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