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Welcome to Wild Skye Healing!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

This poster perfectly captures how I feel about myself going into this next phase of my life and career. I'm part gypsy, because I love to travel and hope to do more of that with Sgt. Dave (my handsome husband and true partner). I'm part hippie, because I love all the woo-woo things: energy work, crystals, essential oils, astrology, angels, etc. I'm part cowgirl, because I discovered that my truly happy place is on the back of a horse. I'm not what you'd describe as a "horsewoman." But I love being in their presence, how they smell, and yes, even cleaning their stalls. Horses are the ultimate energy workers. They can sense your heartbeat from 4 feet away, and their ability to perceive danger from much, much further. They live in the present moment and they are great at detecting if humans are aligned in their body, mind, and spirit.

When I enrolled in Touched by a Horse®, I thought it was a perfect marriage of my love for energy work and my love for horses. It has been so much more than that. I have become more of who I was meant to be, and left a lot of grief and pain in the sand of the arena with the help of a beautiful teacher and her horses. I have become a part of a "herd" that feels like home. And I have learned how to help others find their own peace and wholeness through finishing their unfinished business.

I hold a special affection for First Responders (and especially police officers) because I've had the privilege to work with them in their world for the past 5 years. I've seen the struggles and the unhealthy ways of coping, while they try to do the best they can for the community. I hope to help alleviate their pain and find ways to do their jobs without losing themselves in the trauma. Sgt. Dave has been my inspiration and teacher in these areas, and I am forever grateful I met him through this work and have his support.

So, after two years in the Touched by a Horse® program, I am certified to go out and do my part to heal the world - one person at a time!

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